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Thread: need suggestions on Vegas hotels (yes, another Vegas thread)

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    need suggestions on Vegas hotels (yes, another Vegas thread)

    I'm planning to head out to SEMA this fall @ the Vegas Convention Center. I haven't been to Vegas before though - anyone have suggestions of hotels to look into anywhere nearby the center? I could care less about a hotel being posh; I'll basically only be there to sleep. I just need a clean, accessible, and non-run-down 2-bed room for myself & another guy who's coming along.

    Ideas? What kind of $$/night should be expected?


    ETA: *lots* of rooms are already booked for the dates I need (doh). Tell me about:

    - Alexis Park Resort
    - Palace Station (Tower & Courtyard)
    - Gold Coast Hotel
    - Flamingo Hotel
    - Tropicana Hotel
    - Excalibur
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    The convention center is on the north end of the Strip, so I'd recommend staying at at nearby hotel OR a hotel that can be reached by the monorail. Comments on the hotels you mentioned:

    Alexis Park Resort: Not a Strip hotel. You'd need to get a cab.
    Palace Station: Not a Strip hotel. You'd need to get a cab.
    Gold Coast Hotel: Not a Strip hotel. You'd need to get a cab.
    Flamingo Hotel: Mid-Strip, monorail access. Not a bad choice.
    Tropicana Hotel: Farther down the Strip. Not recommended.
    Excalibur: Farther down and across the Strip. Not recommended.

    Check out the Hilton and the Sahara for proximity or Bally's, The Venetian, Paris, MGM Grand, Harrah's for monorail access.

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    Thanks Clipper. Re: getting a cab - SEMA is a huge event, and complimentary shuttle bus service is provided.

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    In that case, I'll give you more insight on the hotels you listed.

    Alexis Park Resort: I don't know anything about this hotel.

    Palace Station: Off the Strip and somewhat second-tier (as are all of the Station hotels). Smaller, older casino with an aging feel. You will feel isolated if you stay here, although prices are better (as are the odds).

    Gold Coast Hotel: I don't know anything about tis hotel, except that it is older. You'll feel isolated here, too.

    Flamingo Hotel: Mid-Strip and close to lots of things, like Margaritaville. Nice, spacious casino. Older hotel but renovated many times over the years.

    Tropicana Hotel: One of the older Strip hotels. Accessible, but you'll have to search for the ramps and elevators. This property might very well be razed in coming years. The location is okay and the prices are good.

    Excalibur: One of the themed hotels. Newer than the others on your list. It's on the Strip but just not my cup of tea. Reasonable rates.

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    they are all garbage*

    stay at the Bellagio or Venetian and figure out a way to get around*

    why go too Vegas if ur not gonna experience* it properly

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    HA!! you'll be in Vegas just about 10 days after me if I make it to the convention I'm trying to go to....if I go I'll probably be staying at the Embassy Suites or Marriott Courtyard by the Convention Center however...They're two of the official convention hotels and where most of my fave exhibitors are most likely staying and where the Manufacturer parties wil be.....

    ETA: If you look at my link above and click on travel, most of the 11 hotels they list are practically next to the convention center, the rest aren't far from it...There's a map on the booking link that shows exactly where they are in relation.
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    I hear the "hotels" out in the desert are cheap if you bring a group.

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    Clipper - thanks. I booked w/ Alexis Park for now. I checked each hotel's website & this one looked the least cheesy of the bunch. For all intended purposes, I think it'll work well... every room is a suite, etc.

    Cheryl - I have lower standards than you, don't care to spend 2-3x as much on a room when I'll barely spend any time @ the hotel in the 1st place, & anyways those two are already booked for the dates I'll be there. Has nothing to do with figuring out how to get around.

    Chelle' - that's cool. Look for a PM from me later today.

    Todd - I won't even ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    Todd - I won't even ask.
    You did know prostitution is legal in Nevada, right? It's the only state in the Union that has whore advertisements in the newspaper bin.

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    yeah, I knew that. I was implying that you might have stories.

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