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Thread: Hard time kicking this UTI

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    Hard time kicking this UTI

    My son has been on Cipro 250 mg 2x's daily for ten days now. A culture and sensitivity test were done, so I would assume he has been on the correct antibiotic. This darn thing isn't going away- no fever, just increased spacticity and accidents at night and cathing a lot more frequently. Maybe he needs another round of antibiotics Any help would be great. I did call the doc and brought in another sample. Waiting for a phone call....

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    It sounds like the UTI may actually be gone if he is experiencing no fever. I say this because antibiotics can in and of themselves cause increased spasticity uti or no. As far as low volumes/ accidents sometimes it can take a little while for the bladder to turn around and behave normally. In addition one tends to gets into the good habit of drinking more water throughout the day but perhaps watch out for drinking to much, particularly right before bed. In addition, make sure he is still taking whatever bladder relaxant/ anti cholinergic he normally does and do continue to look out for signs of reoccurrence( fever, look of the urine, etc) just to be safe.


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    Agree with racer, 250 mg is also a low dose for SCI people unless he has some kind of renal failure.
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    Another round is common or higher strength. Call the doctor again!!


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    Methenamine prescribed

    Apparently he still has a UTI. The doctor prescribed methenamine 1GM 2x's daily with vitamin C. Has anyone taken this stuff ??

    Thank you

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    This may sound silly but if i feel a uti coming on i have a couple of beers. works well i havent used antibiotics for a long time

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    It is an antiinfective used to treat & prevent UTI's. You need to have him drink a full glass of water when he takes it an dmake sure he gets drink water and other juices andprotein.Urex is a common name for it also.


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