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Thread: Tempurature sensation return....

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    Tempurature sensation return....

    Being a mid-level thoracic injury, I've been fortunate with numerous returns in the past few months. Just this past weekend, the temperature sensation returned in my right knee and along my shin. I discovered this when I sat the laptop on...well, my lap.

    I was just wanting to know if anyone else here has experienced temperature sensation return below their injury level. If so, did it start off small and expand to other areas or did it just remain in that one area?

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    I've also had some temperature and pain return in my left leg. It actually skipped alot and went to my calf. But thats about it! I have full deep and light touch, my legs feel nomral like they always did until I get in a pool or get stabbed by a knife or somthing hah. Good to hear your recovering! goodluck on ur progress!
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    My husband is almost one year post, L1. He started out by getting feeling back to mid thigh right after decompression surgery and has increased to normal sensation to L3 (just below the knees). He can feel the insides of his calves down to the ankle on the left and almost to the ankle on the right. He can feel cold and warm on the the tops of his feet. This all came back over time.

    Good luck, I hope that this is just the beginning for you!!

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    13 months post, my wife (T-5) is still very slowly getting some sensory return here & there, in spots mostly.
    - Richard

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    After 26 years SCI, a few months back I started sweating on the back of my right thigh and leg. Kinda coincided when I stated taking gabapentin for a severe stabbing pain in my right side and back. Liver area... far below my T-5 injury level. But I doubt the gabapentin is causing this. Maybe I'm getting a syrinx or some other lovely SCI related ailment. My left leg may be starting to sweat too.

    It's really making it difficult to get into bed since I slide up from the bottom of the bed and drag my sweaty leg(s) up. They're sticking to and pulling off the fitted sheet. I don't know..... I probably need an MRI to find out. I've never had one so this should be interesting.

    No temperature or other sensory return, but a return nonetheless.
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    Got temperature and pinprick at 11 months post in my R hamstrings area. Funny thing is, my husband joking that I had no sensation in my butt jabbed a pin, and I screamed!!! So then we checked pinprick return in other areas and yes, I had had some. Temperature I noticed while washing with a warm cloth.

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    I'm almost 10 months post and getting some returns in patches.


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