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Thread: Handcycled for the first time

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    Hey AO,

    I'm C5-7 and I've got the Quickie spirit 470/Shark. Getting in and out did take some practice but isn't a problem anymore.

    With those new arms and back you'll have I'm sure you'll be transfering with ease in no time.

    I'll see if I can post some pics, would that help?

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    From this morning,


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    More down and the start of up...

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    more up,

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    last 2,

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    Rock on Phil that is awesome!

    ("Hey mister, you better wear a helmet")

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    That is one NICE looking hc there. I'd like to try everyone I could get my hands sometime, then again, I'd like to have a money tree,lol. It would be nice to try out all the different rides though.
    Thanks for the pics.

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