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Thread: Commode gel cushion pad procedure code?

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    Commode gel cushion pad procedure code?

    Medicare says they may pay for a commode chair cushion pad to help prevent a sore but my supplier will have to submit the right procedure code.

    Medicare did not say what the procedure code was and my supplier could not guarantee I would not have to pay their escalated price.

    I have run across medical procedure codes in the past. Medicare says it must be a bedside commode. What is that mean to a spinal cord person. I obvious cannot sit on a regular toilet so how can I get this "gel commode cushion procedure code."

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    David65 - since I do not work in a care setting, I don't have access to the information that you need. I will ask one of the other SCI Nurses, who are in care settings to respond to this request.

    You might also contact your local Center for Independent Living (CIL - local office of information and referral) for some guidance. Go to then click on 'Directory of Centers' to find a CIL near you. CRF

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