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Thread: Clinical Trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by guenther

    you will find new information about the phase 1 of this tria.
    The utmost cautious Dr.Schwab does not report negativ results.
    I assume they will go ahead with phase 2.

    It's a pity, but the articles are all in german.

    Gunther, thanks a lot for the info. I will include it in the overview.
    Can you tell us in which section of the above website you read about it? is it in the newsbrief which is to be found under "regeneration" ?

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    NOGO-Trials by Dr.Schwab and Novartis

    Hallo Corinne,

    you will find the latest information in chapter "regenaration" and report nr. 28, which can be downloaded.


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    I've been primarily following Geron & Dr. Wise's work. I'm extrememly curious about when [exactly] they plan on working w/chronic patients & how [if possible] americans can participate in Dr. Wise's program? WE NEED AN UPDATE WISE PLEASE!!!

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    I received some information on planned clinical trials in Japan

    mid 2007
    Dr Toshiki Yoshimine, Dept of Neurosurgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University - Olfactory mucosa autografts into patients with SCI

    Other trials in Japan that appear to be in the planning stages (but no dates mentioned):
    Dr Yoshihisa Suzuki, Dept of Plastic Reconstruction Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University - human clinical trial using transplant of bone marrow cells into patients with SCI

    De Masashi Yamazaki, Chiba University - pre clinical trial for regeneration of spinal cord in human

    Dr Mari Dezawa, Dept of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University - human clinical trial using bone marrow stem cells

    That is all the info I have so far, will post more as I get it.

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    Hi.I am japanease.My name is saitou.This is not my true name.
    My english is very poor.

    Kyoto University has begun the clinical test. .not planning stages.
    transplant of bone marrow cells

    Osaka University is planning clinical trial.
    Osaka University may already have begun the clinical test.
    transplant of OEG

    The method resembles Mr. Lima's method.
    A researcher cuts off a Glia scar. And a cell is transplanted.

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    Osaka University

    This website is Japanese.
    The charge of this clinical test is no charge.
    I do not know whether a foreigner can receive this clinical test.

    The patient of a chronic term is also an object.
    It is no charge.

    The resecher said that this is not cure.
    The researcher has said that condition will be improved.
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    Carbar and Saitou,

    Thank you for the information, this is interesting. Saitou, your English is very good. Please keep us up to date on the clinical trials in Japan. We need all the results we can get.

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    This Lima should be put in jail.

    Over hundreds of patients "threaded" so far, and just an old safety report on seven published? I think he is more interested to "produce papers" for his bank account.

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    Thank you.Leif,schmeky,carver,and evryone.
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    I am not sure if anyone poseted this in this topic, but proffesors in Polish Medical Academ I Wroclaw (Poland) will finaly start treatments with OEC.

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