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Thread: Clinical Trials

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironside
    Living in the UK, I know nothing about these trials. Can someone explain what they are, what is going on, if they are using human subjects, and what they expect to find at the end.
    All the details are in the file i just attached in my previous post under the same thread.
    All trials mentioned are human trials, although some of them are planned or hoped for but not confirmed yet.

    What are they trying to find at the end ? well, if you really talk about 'the end', then i assume they all want to find a cure for sci patients. But for sure there will be steps inbetween and nobody really expects a cure from those first trials. But they could deliver improvements or at least learnings towards that goal. These trials are actually testing the effects, good or bad, of some new therapies of many kinds, stem-cell therapies, pharmacological therapies or other regenerative therapies.

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    Should this paper, posted in a the link by Lightspeed4,

    be added as an update to the Overview of Clinical trials attachment?
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    Wise posted this a few months ago.
    This sounds interesting.

    Several Russian groups have indeed been transplanting fetal neural stem cells into people with severe head trauma. In fact, the following site provide the statistics for a controlled clinical trial showing beneficial effects:

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    Oooops! Moving?

    Quote Originally Posted by KIM
    Thank you for your interest in the development of our products and technologies. Based on the convincing results of our pre-clinical studies (animal model) of Cordaneurin® we are very close now to enter clinical trials in human.
    Due to safety considerations only acute injuries can currently be tested within these first studies. Acute means up to 72 hours respectively 3 days post injury.
    Last year fortunately we were able to attract investors securing the financing of these studies. The market launch is estimated to be in 2008.

    In a second future clinical project named CordaChron® we want to modify our drug to be suitable also for chronically injured persons. This year we will start with the pre-clinical development of CordaChron®, clinical studies in human will start in 2007 at the earliest.

    We would like to recommend all chronically injured patients to safe or achieve a good general condition of the palsied muscles through rehabilitation procedures, possibly functional electro stimulation and / or passive (if possible active) exercises in close collaboration with your doctor. This would be a great advantage with respect to the use of our CordaChron® in future therapies.
    New Drugs and Therapies for Spinal Cord Injuries

    Neuraxo Biopharmaceuticals, a German biopharmaceutical company stands for pioneering the therapy of acute and chronic Spinal Cord Injuries with its proprietary technology platform: the Regeneration Promoting Treatment (RPT).
    As a first clinical application of the RPT Neuraxo is focusing on the clinical development of Cordaneurin® - a drug for the treatment of acute Spinal Cord Injuries which received Orphan Drug Status in 2004. In pre-clinical studies Cordaneurin® has already demonstrated its high efficacy in extensive recovery of sensory and motor function. Cordaneurin® will enter clinical trials in 2006.
    As a second application Neuraxo will take up the challenge to develop a therapy also for chronic injured patients. This cure called CordaChronTM will include additional components to Cordaneurin® such as the patent protected nerve growth stimulating factor, the chemokine SDF-1gamma. First clinical trials with CordaChronTM are expected in 2008.
    Neuraxo's pipeline is filled with additional new and promising drug candidates in the field of neurotherapeutic drugs.
    NEURAXO - New Dynamics for Neural Regeneration

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    Has anyone heard anything more about the low energy THOR laser therapy and if they are planning any human trials. Is this even considered a serious therapy?
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    Information removed at request of member.
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    Joe. I think that your PubMed link refers to an overview and that the trial you referred to is the planned trial for acute SCI by Geron.

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    thank you Corinne!
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    Does anybody know what Dr. Young's combo trial for chronics will be composed of?

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    NOGO-Trial by Dr.Schwab and Novartis


    you will find new information about the phase 1 of this tria.
    The utmost cautious Dr.Schwab does not report negativ results.
    I assume they will go ahead with phase 2.

    It's a pity, but the articles are all in german.


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