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Thread: Clinical Trials

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    Diffusion tensor imaging I think is what you are referring to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky View Post
    There are some clinical trials starting and there are some that have already started. Please help me update this list. These are the ones that are supposed to start-up in 2007. Those groups already in the treatment phase are not included (Lima, Novosibirsk, Huang [fetal olfactory cells], Cells4Health, etc.) since these are not clinical trials, but active treatments.

    1) Kierstad, USA, hESC, acute only
    2) Huang Hongyun, China, combination therapy, chronics
    3) Wise Young, China, combination therapy, acutes and chronics
    4) Darwin Prockop, USA, adult stem cells, acute only
    5) Borgens, USA, electromagnetic fields/inosine
    6) Raisman, UK, OEC

    Please help me update this list. Groups such as Neuraxo-Biotec (cordaneurin [acutes] and chordachron [chronics]), Novartis (Nogo), Aventis (HP184) and others need to be listed but I know little about the current status of these trials.
    Whats the plan Smekster.

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    Stem Cell Inc have begun phase 1 testing on humans in Switzerland.

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    Case Western and Acorda are holding their PRIVATE MEETING tomorrow. there is nothing live. Dr Silver will ask permission to give a synopsis, but might not be able to do that either. sorry


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    injury T12/L1

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post

    We are pushing hard to get the phase 2 trials finished in Hong Kong and China because the applications for trials in the U.S. depends on the data that we get from the trials in Hong Kong and China.

    In terms of trials in the U.S., we are still aiming for starting a phase 2 trial in Brackenridge in early 2012, a phase 3 trial in other centers in the U.S. in mid-2012, and a phase 2 trial for kids in late 2012. This is for umbilical cord blood and lithium.


    Dear dr Young.
    I am Sonja, 48 years old from Rotterdam (the Netherlands).
    I have been following your work since 2001 and I have a lot of respect for your efforts to find a cure for paralyses and for the way you communicate with people on the forum and give them hope.
    In 2001 I got a spinal cord injury in a tilt cart accident, the level is T12-L1. I can not stand and I can not walk and I am incontinent.
    I am very interested in the lithium/umbilical cord trials you are doing in the USA and in China but
    I read that this method is only for people with an injury higher than T10 because of the lumbar enlargement and the fact that there are neurons at the lumbar site that are probably damaged.
    I saw a question of a member of the forum, Brent, of 8-2-2010 and he asked you to explain how the anatomy of a lower thoracic break differs from the normal cord (T-10 and above?) and the obstacles scientists have to face in order to provide a cure for a lower motor neuron lesion?
    In your answer of 8-4-2010 you told about spasticity versus flaccidity. Injury to the cervical (C2-T1) or thoracic spinal cord (T2-T10) usually produce spasticity. The neurons of the lumbosacral spinal cord are intact but disconnected.
    However, if there has been injury to the lumbosacral spinal cord located at T11 to L1 vertebral segments, flaccidity often results.
    In the following part of your answer I read that flaccidity doesn´t always mean los of neurons.
    But it is clear that when there is damage to the neurons the treatment with umbilical cord blood and lithium is not enough.
    My injury, although at T12-L1, produces a lot of spasticity, I have muscle tone, exaggerated reflexes and rigidity especially from my knees to my toes (lower legs).
    When I evoke a spasm in the swimming pool I can even stand on it.
    I do have a little sensation in my legs even in my toes.
    Does this mean that my neurons are intact?
    and that the umbilical cord/lithium procedure can have effect on my injury as well?
    Do you need all your neurons to walk or is a certain percentage, as is the case with the roots, enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keeping on View Post
    stem Cell Inc announced this;

    very good. now i cant wait until this presentation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrington314mx View Post
    very good. now i cant wait until this presentation!
    Actually you can hear the same thing live tomorrow on the webcast.

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    Will that be Thursday or Friday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lepups3 View Post
    Will that be Thursday or Friday?
    Thursday 5/10/12 @ 1:30 pm Pacific Time

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