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Thread: Clinical Trials

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    Am I misunderstanding something or why is anyone fooling around with ensheathing glia anymore? Didn't Dr Huang do a bunch for thousands of cash .. I know he didn't document it as in a clinical trial .. but seemingly no one had any fabulous results from it either.
    A report carried out by Dobkin, Armin Curt, and James Guest, about Dr Huang's
    Chronic Spinal Cord Injury trial held in 2006 China is of concern

  2. #502 good report on congestive heart treatment with stem cells. We may one day see something like this from trials conducted by Dr Young or Dr Silver


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    Stem Cell Inc will be moving to their next phase of testing. They will be increasing dosage for the next patients. I presume, but don't know for sure, that the first phase must have satisfied the safety issue of their trials.


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    Very nice Anthony. Hope they have satisfied results too soon and hopefully neural stem cells also effective for lower lumbar injuries. Still dont know whether some bladder bowel or sexual recovery in patients or not?

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    Stem Cell Inc is presenting at the Qatr Stem Cell Converence taking place from February 27th .... We've mentioned this before , but just to let youknow


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    check out this article; I've sighted it before. Mote the testimonial of one of the recipients. with news the last couple of days of other results, this is from /Cedar -Siani Hospital in Los angeles

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    here is something from stem cell inc for phase 1 results for something other than spinal cord. NO matter what they say, it is worth seeing what they have found. they may say just safety issues verified. their conference call i on next week.

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    Wise has made the arguement for trials in Hong Kong and China for cost alone. Between China and Chinet; that treatment is paid for and more cost effective than the US. I think that wise is still plannign on treatments in the states and is already talking to hospitals. I don't know that any of us truly understand what Wise has put together and is putting together for his trials. I hope for all of us that results will show efficay. I'm putting this out for all of us to think about continuing to contribute to Wise's cause. I've contributed to Wise and a little to other groups. I'm going to contribute what little I can to Wise's trial in the future.


  9. #509; video for info onstem cells for Bartolo colon and his pitching shoulder

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    Qwestion for everybody. Sstem Cell INc said they used mri's to vew=rify that myelin had been grown. did Wise or someone say that mri's could do this or is there a problem?

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