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I aleady know this. I always give you the benefit of the doubt regardless. I just can't deal with the UTI's anymore. They have substantially taken a toll on me. I work everyday and it's very uncomfortable to have to wear some sort of serentity pad or whatever so I don't pee all over people's couch's in the studio. And not to mention I have to wear clothes that go over my jeans or pants somewhat. ( actually this is a fad right now so that's a plus) It's just so ridiculous. Maybe we can get BBS back again at the very least. Is it weird that I haven't passed gas since my injury? Is that bad? Someone told me my cord was severed because of that and I have clearly seen my MRI's several times to know I have a contusion.

I remember my nanny saying to me once when I was younger that passing gas is very healthy and that means that your body is functioning properly.
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