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    Dr. Young,
    Hi, I hope you are doing well. One question regarding the sites of cells injection , (sorry if you have answered it somewhere else) . You indicated that for those 41 subjects that they have received the cells transplants , you injected one injection above the injury site , and one injection below the injury site ; my question is :For those 41 subjects , was there any reason that you did not inject one injection INTO THE SITE OF INJURY in addition to those above and below the injury site? Do you think the outcome would be different if you inject three injections instead of two , one injection above the injury site , one injection into the injury site, and one injection below the injury site ? I always thought that the site of injury is where it needs most of the help that it can get in addition to the above and the below the injury sites.
    Thanks for your time and reply , and have a fantastic day.
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