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Thread: Why can't I balance?

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    I have never had to wear AFO's but my feet still turn out. I've tried all kinds of pedals and can't keep my feet in them. they just fly out after about 30 seconds.

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    I don't mean to imply that my feet turn out just because of my AFOs. I'm sure there is some muscle imbalance also. I first started worrying about this in January and they both turned out really bad. I've been doing exercises (see cre8's comment below) and they aren't as bad now. Also, I used to reach down with my hand and straighten them and they would twist out again. Now I can keep them straight for a minute or 2 but still can't twist them straight without using my hand. Hopefully over time they'll straighten out.

    Daisy - sure you'll let us know what Sheperd says about your AFOs. When I go to the VA in Dec for my annual eval I'm going to talk to them about my AFO's. I'm hoping that they are willing to replace them every few years and I'll talk to the orthotic guy about getting ones that are straight.

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