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Thread: Bladder Spasms????

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    Unhappy Bladder Spasms????

    For nearly 4 years after my bladder stone removal, I was fine. 1 or 2 uti's, nothing major. Now in the last 6 months or so, I've been having problems with spasms and really having to go at 300 to 400 and if I don't I spasm and leak which is really pissing me off. When I do cath, there is a ton of pressure unlike the previous 4 years. I had a scope done 2 months ago and there were no stones. So besides a uti or stones what the hell else could it be? I did have a few too many drinks and let my bladder get too full a few nights back. Could stretching of the bladder contribute to this? If so what do I do to get this back to normal? I think also alcohol numbs everything down there and I don't spasm when I have a couple. How about nicotine or coffee? Or perhaps a linguiring uti that isn't showing any signs besides the spasming? Maybe there is a small stone he missed in the scope? I am at a loss here. Just when I thought I had this crap halfway figured out this sneaks up. Thanks all

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    Do have it checked out via urodynamics- they can see what the pressure in your bladder is with specific volumes, relating the volumes to spasms. Also, check for a UTI, something is going on.


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