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Thread: extreme pain

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    extreme pain

    My son (14 weeks post) is having really bad neuropathic pain. His doctor called in Lyrica (75 mg 2x @ day). He was taking Gabapentin (600 mg 4x @ day). He is also on 10mg of numerous other meds. I know he does not need to take the Gabapentin with the Lyrica. He thinks he needs both with the pain.

    There is a lot on this forum about Gabapentin and Lyrica but so far I have not been able to find anything about taking them both in a day.

    Has anyone found anything that really works for this pain. It seems to be getting worse everyday. THANKS............

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    is the combo working? if not call your doctor back and let them know. there are a lot of treatments and meds for neuro pain, sucks to have a injury sucks worse to be in pain. it probably takes about 3 days to get a blood level of the lyrical ,
    so if not enough relief let the doctor know. both doses 2400 a day for neurontin is pretty low and so is 150 a day for lyrica, so eith er on eon its own may not give enough pain relief. with neurontion the dose has to be adjusted up until you get pain relief, maybe the doc wants both to be taken at the same time , pain wise it would make sense ,not sure about their interactions
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    has he always had bad neuro pain since the accident? I am also wondering if he smokes ciggarettes. I am asking this because I notice my neuro pains get very very bad even when I have just 1 cigarette.
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    if he finds no relief from either the Neurontin(Gabapentin) or the Lyrica, another option that I have talked at length about is Topamax. I've had GREAT luck with it helping my neuropathic pain....Also, he is only 14 weeks out, he is still VERY newly injured, I'm not surprised that he's in a lot of pain, his body is still healing. His pain levels may also decrease over time with increased activity if he hasn't started doing a lot of things yet. Another thing that I belive I have read is that some people have noticed that the generic Neurontin didn't work nearly as well for them as the brand of it did...if you can get the brand name on his next refill(or even a diff generic manufacturer) this may make a TREMENDOUS difference in how well it works for him.

    What other meds is he mentioned he's on 10mg of baclofen and "numerous" other meds...which ones? Maybe he needs to switch his other meds around some...
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    As long as he can tolerate the side effects, he can up the Neurontin and up the dose of Lyrica. I take 150 twice a day with good relief and I think one can even go higher on Lyrica. I have heard that topamax is also useful. Good luck.....

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    I dont take anything anymore, just tolerate it. I hate it but ive tried allsorts they just ease it slightly but not enough so i dont want to poison the body with meds that dont work properly. I even had a bad reaction with one cant think what its called i felt really dizzy with it. Some meds are in the epiliptic family which tricks the brain, they can work for some but obviously not me My pain would last just over a minute but feels like a lot longer and really strong electrical, and like some one is slicing open my left hand side really slowly. HELL.

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    Teach1 I hope your son gets his pain sorted, Gabapentin does actually work for some, so lets hope it does. good luck

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    Gabapentin helps my wife, but for her the pain comes down to a reasonable level only when it's used in combination with opiods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knightrider
    My pain would last just over a minute but feels like a lot longer and really strong electrical, and like some one is slicing open my left hand side really slowly. HELL.
    From everything I've heard, that's one of the nastiest types of pain that can come from central pain syndrome. You're not alone by any means, but thankfully a lot of folks don't have that particular symptom. Here's a website from a fellow in South Africa that pretty accurately describes the "joys" of the electrical shock-type sensations.

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    theres Keppra too and trileptol

    and yes you can take the other 2 together
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