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    Quick qeustion...I am c5/6. i'm 6 mos post...i have had some troubles with my elbows because i lean on them sooooo much. brusies, cuts, fluid build up, the whole sha-bang.they( everyone i talk to about this) all try to tell me to wear elbow pads! ahhh, not happening...maybe around the sink while i dry my hair and bang them at least 50 million times in the process. but not as a normal everyday everywhere thing.does anyone else have this problem? if so any advice?

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    HI, Amanda,

    Your question may be better answered in the 'Care Forum. i'm going to close the topic here, and copy it over to that forum; you can see your topic here:

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    I found myself leaning on my arm rests too much, and rubbing them raw. I have no feeling there, so I didn't know I was doing it. I removed the arm rests, so now I can't lean on them. My sittinig balance has also improved so I don't need to lean on things anymore.

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    always, always, always protect your elbows. problems are very difficult to heal there.

    i tend to use my right and lean on my left elbow, so i would wear an albow pad under my business shirt at work. i also have a small square of high density foam at my workstation, dining room table and bathroom sink, all the places i'd abuse my elbows.

    there's no way i would do without these.

    removing chair arm rests may seem like a good idea, but resting your arms on arm rests decreases the pressure on your ass by a surprising amount, something like 10-20%, no arm rests also promotes muscular fatigue/overload of the postural muscles and myofascial pain/dysfunction

    i'm guilty of the arm rest thing, but after 15 years i think i need them, though they can get in the way at times, it's a trade off

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    Amanda - as much as you don't want to take some steps to protect your elbows, crags has made some very good points! You will need your arms and elbows for a long time. Prevention of injury is of utmost importance. You could try some smaller, less obvious padding; this could be covered with a 3/4 length or long sleeve blouse. I would urge you to use something such as cocoa butter as a lubricant to keep the skin soft and flexible....avoid having them become dry, calloused and with cracks. CRF

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    My nurse made 2 little elbow "pillows" for my arm rests with velcro straps. So far they have worked out well, no red elbows.


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