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Thread: Did you contribute to Dr. Davies?

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    Did you contribute to Dr. Davies?

    If anyone has contributed to Dr. Davies you may want to send an email to Debby Chambers the department administrator to let her know.
    I got this email from her after I inquired about making sure my contribution went to Dr. Davies and not to some BCM general fund.
    I appreciate so much your letting me know you made a donation. We will definitely moniter Dr. Davies Research Account to assure your contribution is credited to his account. You should receive a confirmation from our Development office, and also from Dr. Davies as soon as we are notified by the Development Office. Thank you again for your support of Dr. Davies' Spinal Cord Injury Research program. Debby
    You can reach Debby at

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    Thanx for the post, good idea to double check. I never got a reply from Davies' office... will see what's up.

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    I did receive an email confirmation, but it didn't specify the money would go to Dr. Davies, so I'll send Debby an email too.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

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