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Thread: Bent Arm Syndrome

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    Bent Arm Syndrome

    During my initial rehab I had suffered a torn rotator cuff on my right side. This severely inhibited me moving my right arm and as a result my arm will not hang at 180 degrees, more like a little past 90. Now that my rotator cuff is feeling fine I want my range of motion back. Any suggestions or testimonials?

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    Hi J, You should talk to your therapist/doctor about potential use of a contracture orthosis. This would involve either a joint that is Dynamic (has a spring that places a constant tension on the limb) or a Static progressive joint (your arm would be held in incremental steps per your tolerance.

    Usually an x-ray has to be done to make sure you don't have a bone block or that the body has fused the joint. Also that the bone quality is still strong. If so then you are most likely a candidate for an Elbow Orthsosis (fancy word for brace).

    The other option is Serial Casting, Which involves being in cast for weeks at a time, works much like the static progressive joint. The therapist would change the cast every week hopefully gaining more range between each cast. I'm probably partial to the orthosis use, but I think disadvantages of the casting method is obviously hygiene, possible skin breakdown...An obvious advantage is compliance, because you can't take it off.

    Anyway good luck.

    PS if you want some testimonials look up Ultraflex online, last I looked they had a patient on there with similiar description of elbow involvement. This is an example of a dynamic orthosis.

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    I don't know if it would work in your situation but my cousin suffered a brain injury and his left had and arm were allways cramped up (the hand was closed) and he didn't have full range so they injected Botox to loosen him up and give him range of motion along with therapy. Something to ask about...

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