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Thread: Heal a Wound by Applying Electricity?

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    Heal a Wound by Applying Electricity?

    Updated:2006-07-26 13:32:47
    Heal a Wound by Applying Electricity?
    By Patricia Reaney
    LONDON (July 26) - An international team of scientists has discovered two genes that enable cells to respond to electrical signals in the body to heal wounds.

    They also showed that by applying an electrical field to a wound they could change the movement of cells and speed up the healing process.

    "Our studies show that electricity in the body is far more important than previously thought and that it has significant potential in wound healing and possibly also regeneration," said Professor Min Zhao, of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, who headed the research team....

    Zhao and collaborators in America, Japan and Austria identified two genes called PI(3)Kgamma and PTEN that control a process known as electrotaxis -- the movement of cells in response to an electric current.

    A wound, for example on the skin, generates an internal electric field that guides cells so they know where to go to heal it. Zhao and his team used time-lapse photography to witness electrotaxis in wounds in laboratory experiments.

    "Scientifically, our findings offer a novel perspective in understanding how cells move to heal, and what genes and molecules the cells use to detect the electric fields," said Zhao, who reported the findings in the journal Nature.

    "Clinically, our findings offer a novel approach to speed up healing," he added in a statement.

    Professor Colin McCaig, a co-author of the study, said the findings could have far-reaching implications particularly for burn patients, diabetics and people with non-healing ulcers.

    By manipulating the electric field around the wound directly or with topical chemicals that enhance the normal signal scientists may be able to improve wound healing.

    "We've got a variety of different drugs that we can apply that will increase these electrical signals because they act on the cellular mechanism that drives the electrical signal," McCaig explained in an interview.

    "We are just at the beginning of being able to understand how to use these kind of natural signals," he added.
    I wonder what drugs these are?

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    I'd try it.M y wounds on my butt won't heal completly for some reason.
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