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Thread: what are the best way of finding a personal helper

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    My PCA works for me and 2 other clients I 'graduated' rehab with. With cut backs n stuff, alot of the workers are disgruntled, unhappy... she's leaving me in September but one of her best friends is replacing her. I keep in touch with other quads, put the word out, try posting at nursing school/ university.

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    whats the average pay rate for this type of help?

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    In my area, private pay PCAs generally start at $10-12/hour and go up from there. You can also pay on a job basis (ie, "I will pay $35 for my morning routine, regardless of how long it takes to complete"). Live in generally is paid on a weekly or monthly basis rather than hourly unless the person is only doing care during certain hours.


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    I would like to pay weekly but just have there services whenever i need it, but notify them ahead of time of when i need them ofcourse...

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    You are not likely to find someone who will work only "on call" without paying them to be on call. It is much better to have a set schedule, know when they will be there, and when they are late, and contract with your PCA based on this. Many PCAs have other jobs, either as a PCA or working as a nurses aide, or have childcare and family responsibilities that preclude them just being at your beck and call all the time. Of course for special events you can negotiate a change in time, but this should be based on mutual agreement.

    Of course if you are hiring full time or live in, then you may be able to arrange a more flexible schedule. Keep in mind that in most areas (such as my state) a live-in person must be given at least one day off per week (by law), so you would still need at least 2 people.


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    u think i could just pay a set amount every week whether i use there services or not that week?

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    I did that newspaper routine, but I've made sure I interviewed people at a public place, occasionally I found some really good people, but the best luck I have had has been word-of-mouth from one friend to another always found somebody. Of course I will never be happy, they don't know how to clean or their driving sux.

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    Besides the nursing school advice, you might also try PT, OT and Speech programs. Ask if you can post an advertisement on their communication board.

    You can also try churches and synagogues. Soemtimes there is someone who is looking for work and it may work out.

    Do careful screenings and know that your first try may not work. BUt I have known many people that this has worked for.


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    Wink Places

    I post at all the college boards, the newspaper, coffee/laundry shops, the hospital. Tell many friends too because word of mouth has gotten me a lot of help. Make sure you check out applicants references.

    Santa Clara Valley Medical has an online caregiving application which has good sample questions. I cannot find it now but here's their info

    For additional information please email:
    or call 408.885.2000
    751 South Bascom Avenue
    San Jose, California 95128

    The online sources I use are - free to post and forwards email
    http://sanfrancisco.networkofcare.or...orum/index.cfm - free message board with different cities. - free various areas

    Finding and keeping good caregivers is one of the hardest things. The good ones are like gold. Good Luck!

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