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    ive never had any problems with my teeth before injury but in these last 5 yrs my teeth are literally falling apart. i wonder if its cause of all these medicines ive been taking everday or because i cant brush good enough being quad. anyone else have this problem? ive always brushed twice a day.

    and to the quads that go to the dentist......are you able to get in the dentist chair?

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    a lot of the meds wreck havoc on the teeth, dry mouth and decrease of saliva production is the main cause. i started using one of those special anti bacterial mouthwashes at night before sleep.
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    Our dentist said that he often sees teeth deteriorate following a major operation; this is probably a similar situation, where the body is doing its damndest to fix a problem somewhere else with a higher priority.
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    Agreed about the meds having an effect. Also diet.

    Luckily I've been fortunate w/ my teeth. Soniccare toothbrush and a hand held flossing tool.

    Yes, I transfer into the dentist's chair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64
    and to the quads that go to the dentist......are you able to get in the dentist chair?
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    I use artificial saliva to counteract the effects of a recently upped dose of ditropan. Also, I drink lots of h2o.

    I transfer into the dentist's chair.

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    Yep, I've always transfered into the dentist chair. They're so damn comfortable that I'm fallen asleep in them when my dentist (also my cousin) was working on me.
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    I had great teeth prior to they seem to have gotten worse and just in the last two years...

    Another gift, I guess from sci.

    Poor diet during and after the injury, unability to brush/floss as I did before, the drugs with their side affects seem to really take their toll on the ole' chicklets.
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    My mother actually when to the dentist a couple months after her injury. She can't tranfer without a lift. We told the doc and he just moved the dentist chair out. We rolled her manual chair in its place and tilted it back. He worked around it pretty well.

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    well thanks a lot yall. i guess i can't use the ole..."i can't get in the dentist chair" excuse now.

    i'm sure bad brushing techniques had a lot to do with it for sure. they mentioned using an electric tooth brush in rehab. i couldn't hold on to it so i just learned to use that u-cuff thing-a-ma-jig to stick my tooth brush in.

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