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Thread: Constipation and Golitely

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    Constipation and Golitely

    I'm suffering from severe case of chronic constipation. I'm about five years post (C4-5). About a year and a half or two years after I was dismissed from the hospital I began having troubles with my bowel program. Over the past year in and it is been getting gradually worse. About a month and some ago, I began having severe spasms. I've done many tests to figure out where it's coming from however I suspect that it is mainly the constipation.

    I was wondering whether taking Sofodex (I believe it is called Golitely in the USA) would relieve me of all of my constipation initially after which I can start building a proper regime.

    I guess what I'm asking is: is taking this medicine a good way to get to an 'empty slate'?

    Eitan Waks

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    I would start with an abdominal xray to see if there is an issue of a large amount of stool in your colon. Then, if there is a large abount of stool, you can clear out your bowels by something less stressful on your system than Go-Lytely. Try Magnesium Citrate or bisacodyl tablets. These are not to be done routinely, but could be used as a 1 time shot to clear your system. Once cleared, I would focus on things to get you more regulated.


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    I had to drink that stuff before a bowel ressection... for me it was painful. Im sure chonic constipation is too, but I just wanted to warn ya that drinking enough Golitely to clean your system out isn't a pleasant experience.
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    Nurse, assuming he is constipated, wouldn't taking Lactulose, or Miralax in conjunction with oral bisacodyl be appropriate since there would most likely be hard stool due to the constipation?

    Eitan, like the nurse said, you should definitely get to the bottom of what the problem might be; if it is constipation or something else. If it is constipation, are you getting enough fiber in your diet? are you drinking enough fluids (pref water)? what meds are you taking? have you added anything new or increased the amount of any meds? What is your bowel program? Apologies if this is stuff that you know and have considered already....

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    Yesterday I had in a abdominal x-ray done. The results show that I did not have excess stool in my intestines. I found this quite as a shock as I felt quite bloated that day.

    Lately I've begun taking a drug called Motilium. This drug is supposed to increase intestinal activity. Could this be the source of my bloated feeling?

    I also noticed in increase of spasms that began simultaneously with taking this drug. Could there be a correlation?

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    Not sure what the US equivalent is.
    But if it is to increase gastric and intestinal motility, that sounds like what you need. Have you tried the Magic bullet every day with bowel program?

    Some amount of bloating is normal but if excessive, Zelnorm for IBS is helpful.


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    Domperidone is not approved for use in the USA. It is used both to increase GI motility and to increase milk production in lactating women.

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    I just waan know who TF had the nerve that stuff GoLITELY. There's absolutely nothing litely about it!
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    LOL, Deadeye. There is no doubt though-that stuff cures constipation!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadEye
    I just waan know who TF had the nerve that stuff GoLITELY. There's absolutely nothing litely about it!
    I propose renaming it "Colon Blow."

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