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Thread: Phentonal?? Mispelled probably

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    Morphine is quick acting, better used for breakthrough pain than maintenance.
    - Richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf
    Morphine is quick acting, better used for breakthrough pain than maintenance.
    - Richard
    Morphene does have an extended release version as well...The combination of Morphene extended release(I can't remember the letter attribution anymore) and short acting Morphene was the only thing that worked for me when in rehab...
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    Smile Fentanyl and pump

    I am new to the board, my name is Jani, and I was once on three 100 mcg Fentanyl patches. Now I have the Synchomed pump with Dilaudid in it ( I get itchy with morphine and Dilaudid is stronger ). I have arachnoiditis, which is extremely indescribably painful, constantly.

    Do not take your patches off in the 72 hour period. Sometimes you can change patches in a 48 hour period with your doc's permission. I had a hell of a time keeping them on, with getting a breakout, etc.

    The pump works better for me. I am glad I have a great pain magmt doc who also prescribes breakthru meds. I take Baclofen for spasticity, Reglan and Nexium for stomach problems, Effexor, Colchicine, etc. I have been through so many pain meds I could prolly help anyone who has questions.

    Hello to all of you, and Derek, please don't mix any alcohol with Fentanyl and Vicodin, it's a great way to end up dead. That's all the preaching you'll get from me. When you wean from the patch, it's hard, you'll get cold sweats, etc. Enjoy your time as a student, good luck with the grades while on the meds, it does complicate things.


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