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Thread: Epidurals and cortizone shots? comments??

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    Smile Epidurals and cortizone shots? comments??

    I was wondering if anyone here has had epidurals for pain with cortizone shots. The first one was a breeze i really couldnt feel anything but the second one up higher right from the get go was a nightmare and very painful. I have heard that they are ok for a while but the pain returns even worse. It did seem to help the pain with the bone spurs all in my back. But today i am sitting on my bed and i leaned over to get a pair of shorts and bammm! Horrid pain in my lower back. I have been told its from it moving in and out and grinding on nerve roots? or something like that. The pain is incapacitating(sp) and i have had this happen alot in my lower back and once in my T area. Questions: Are these shots just money makers for them because of my insurance?? what should I do? Not to leave out i have one bone spur in my neck that is protruding into the spinal canal where my doc said it is causing leaking of spinal fluid. ( original reason for visit)! The surgeon has not really addressed that except to send me home with a collar to wear. I feel like i am going in circles and I am but just a # on an insurance bill. I went to the new surgeon Dr. Sahni in Mt. Vernon IL. with films and a MRI on discs. He has no idea how to read them on the computer. And the hospital dont do films anymore just discs. *pulling hair at this point!!!* So now he sends me to another place for the injections, and takes new Xrays of just my neck. But i was sent there to get the injections in my neck and he gives them to me in my lower back. WTF? so as i lay in a bed waiting to leave i demand at this point to be explained the problems with my neck. He puts it off on the X ray tech, i get no answers because he never returns! I have to return after all this back to the Dr. Sahni's office and i demand again and she gives me two ridiculous printed pamflets(sp) and tries to explain the neck issues. Which she is failing miseralbly. At this point i just leave. Is leaking spinal fluid a concearn? The surgeon is not one to talk to you personally, i hate that. While i was on the bed face down he kept saying, in broken English "very difficult case only few docs in the world can do this". I was like give me a break! So at this point i am shelling out 162.00 a month insurance, 20.00 co pays every doc visit, and not to mention meds. 10.00-40.00 a pop! I am now depressed, in pain, cofused ( really confused from meds i was given to take), vicodin and valiums)! I have thought about seeing another surgeon and even got a referrel from my doc. So any input and advice would be helpful. Thanks
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    I would find another doc. The x-ray tech is not allowed to discuss your films with you. The reason they make you come back for a follow up is because a radiologist (a different doc) has to read the films for them to be official. Most times a surgeon can interpret the films though or everyone I have ever been to could.

    When you get into the surgeons and highly paid doctors very few of them have good bedside manners. They dont slow down long enough to treat people as cases, to most of them we are just numbers. There are exceptions to the rule though.

    Good luck in your doctor search and solution to your pain.

    Im sure the nurse can answer your fluid questions......
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    Suzie, Mount Vernon isn't all that far from St Louis. Considering the experience you've had there, I'd highly recommend you make the trip to one or another of the doctors and medical facilities in St Louis to assess your case as soon as possible. Barnes is a teaching hospital for Washington U. Med School and is highly regarded, St. Lukes is smaller but has some excellent SCI folks there, and there are other options as well.

    Considering the issues you're having with spinal fluid and so on, I think it would be best if you called ASAP to discuss the situation with a doctor's nurse ASAP to see how soon you can be seen.
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