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Thread: Going Home - Long Term Care

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    Going Home - Long Term Care

    My mother is c4 quad. She is 50 years old and was injured 08-01-04. At the time of her accident she had to be admitted to a nursing home because her home was not accessible for her. I have been working for 2 years to try to get her home modified so that she can return. That is finally underway. However, I found out today, that because her disability income is too high, she will no longer recieve Medicaid if she goes home. In January, she automatically switch to Medicare. Medicare does not pay for any long term care. Medicaid has a long term care program but you can only make $603 month. I have been told all along that while she is in the nursing home, medicaid will not pay for a sip n puff wheelchair (it's a luxury item). But when she goes home they will pay for that and a bed. Now they say she doesn't qualify. It seems the harder you try, the more they try your patience. I did sign her up for a disability waiver that may pay for care. We signed on in 04, they are just now working cases from 09-03. My mother is totally fine from the neck up. She can't move anything below her shoulders, so there is no chance of going home without 24 care. Does anyone have suggestions for funding or assistance in this matter? She is very ready to leave the nursing home and I seem to be out of options.


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    I don't have anything to add re: funding issues, but who says she needs 24 hour care? I'm C4 and am often alone in my home. All I need is certain things set out/up for me.

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    What do you do about getting up (transfer)? She can't move at all. Not to get a drink or eat. I have applied for a helping hands monkey, but hey say never leave her with just the monkey. Of course, what would happen if she wrecked her chair or fell over, she can't right herself? How do you cope with those issues?

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    I have an attendant in the morning. Before she leaves, she helps me eat something, then sets up a glass of water and usually a can of soda on the breakfast bar. I use a long straw to drink them which I can access by myself. I have a voice-activated phone and mouth sticks strategically placed around my house for my use. I spend a lot of time working on my computer using my mouthstick and voice-activated software. I also usually have reading materials set out for me and the TV remote on my chair-I use a mouthstick to control it. I'm getting an automated door installed in my home so I can easily get out of the house. If I ever get "stuck", I have people I can call for help--I very rarely need to. I'm not in danger of tipping out of my power chair. Oh-I have no wrist or hand movement. If you'd like to discuss in more detail, please e-mail me at

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    What state does your mom live in, that will help me try to find her resources. You can PM me if you have questions. I will see what I can do to help.
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