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Thread: Cushions for permobile

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    Cushions for permobile

    What good cushions can you put on a permobile? I have a C 300 and the cushion is very uncomfortable.

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    I think any. I use my roho & jay2 back. What do you think of the c300?
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    Thanks Alissa. I think the permobile is good and saves your shoulders, but I think it is disproportionately expensive for no good reason.
    In my case, I believe the seat is too short, leaving most of the length of my legs out of the seat. My butt and back hurt a lot within minutes. I am talking about the black cushion that comes with the chair.

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    16 x 16 contour Quattro is what I use in mine. However, six years ago when I purchased the chair, I got them to make me a new back (upholstery). When you actually take the Permobil seat off and replace it with one of your own choice of cushion, the upholstery doesn't go down far enough so when you are sitting, you've got a hard ridge pressing into your sacral area. I got quite bad marks until they made me some new upholstery and then it was okay.. The upholstery goes right down to the bottom instead of stopping 2 inches up.

    It amazes me that not enough wheelchair manufacturers pay attention to their seating. You see some wheelchair that initialise rally seats. What is the good of it?. As soon as you put it cushion on the seat, you are sitting too high.

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