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    My mother has purchased a 2 story building and on the 2nd floor is a loft I'm considering moving into. The problem is the only way up is a set of steep stairs so we need an elevator. Since the 1st floor is a business the elevator will need to be added onto the backside of the building. Does anyone have an elevator or experiences with one?

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    We have one in our home and love it. We wouldn't go it any other way.Tried stair lifts, etc ...elevator is much easier for all and actually increased our homes worth tremedously. If your interested in pictures let me know. Advent medical put our in, think they have pictures of the elevators on their website as well.

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    Here's mine

    Mine is in a separate shaft in the rear of my house. You exit onto a covered porch and enter the house through the kitchen door. Works great, fast. quiet, reliable. Even has a phone, so it's like having a phone booth when I'm under the house (lol).


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    thanks....what type/model did you buy?

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    lol foolish.....i believe we're going to end up adding a porch on also.

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    The base model

    Quote Originally Posted by 490
    thanks....what type/model did you buy?
    No extras, but more than cool. I got the biggest cab available in this model. The guy who brings your fridge is gonna love you.

    The site has really good scalable technical drawings in PDF format. Makes it easy to design your shaft and cab.


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    I got an elevator when I bought a house with my sister and her family. It was integral to the house thanks to small outdoor porch on the back for the first two floors and punched a bit thru the roof for the 2nd floor. I have a great Crazy Uncle's wing on the second floor plus access to 1st floor, basement, and outside.

    I've had a few growing pains I could share with you but it has made a great house accessible for me.

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    If this is going to have to be outside in the back of the building, you could go with a Savaria Multilift. It is electric motor/worm screw drive. I think they make versions that could make it up there if the base model doesnt have enough reach. Just add a bit of a deck and cut a hole for a door in the wall. The things I dont like about it are all the convoluted saftey interlocks, but that is easily bypassed with 3M clips on key wires, and it only does 8 feet per minute stock. If you are doing a manual chair and dont need the full weight capacity you can speed it up with different ratio pullys (using stock availibility ratios that will fit in the unit you will do 9.6 feet per minute, easy mod I did). I tried to really speed it up using a 3200 rpm motor (I forget the exact speed motors come in, but think of the ones that are 2x standard speed), but those dont have enough starting torque in the housing size this lift uses to be functional (thank you Grainger for the cheap testing this out ). Anyway, if you are looking for outdoor units, this could be an idea. Here's a photo of mine (pardon the ghetto look, this was before I had the patio poured in the yard. Also, the cab can go up to the top of the frame beyond where the deck level is in this application):

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    I like the Savaria's,ive got a porch lift in the garage and there tele-cab.Ive nevr had a problem with either.... Take a look at the V1504.
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