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Thread: Need Assistant in GA/OH

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    Need Assistant in GA/OH

    Here's my situation. I live in middle GA but will be returning to Sci-Step in OH soon for a few months of therapy. What I'm looking for is an assistant that will move in "rent free" with me in OH. Basically all I need is someone to help me with these needs.

    Dressing and undressing
    Showering lower body
    Bowel program
    Driving me

    If anyone is interested contact me for more info. Also background checks will be required.

    Also if you live in middle GA I'm in need of an assistant to come to my home for a few hours a day.

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    You won't find may PCAs on this forum, or on the internet in general. Many are unemployed or underemployed and can't afford a computer or an ISP.

    I suggest posting ads at local colleges and universities, passing out flyers outside nursing homes and hospitals at change of shift (off their grounds), and running ads in the Penny Saver and on Craig's List.


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