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    Magic bullet

    Does anybody sweat like a pig when using the magic bullet? My blood pressure is fine but I just sweat really bad. Obviously injury level up, C3, I have to use a headband, a towel under my head & one on my chest. There has to be an easier way. Only thing what really works is the magic bullet on me. Any suggestions?

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    Maybe you shouldn't use the whole bullet, cut it in half or 2/3rds. I use only half of it myself and it works great for me.

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    I'm like you Keith. Sweat like a pig, using less doesn't work for me.

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    It's not any specific thing, but the BP itself. The mild AD makes me feel rough. Ugh.

    Having said that, I feel mo bettah happy afterwards.

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    try using lidocaine jelly to put it in. Put a prep H suppository in for hem prior?
    Is your stool soft enough?
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    I also get hot and sweaty. Anytime you spend up to an hour sitting,thinking,pushing,straining,and waiting I think you will sweat. I find a fan always helps some. I am T-12 and THEY SAY no AD at this level. I say BS. I get symtoms when my bladder is full or I am about to slip a fart or worse. I also turn into a Biatch when I need to cath.

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    Sweating from bowel care at C3 is caused by autonomic dysreflexia (AD).

    The magic bullet is so strong, I get pretty severe AD from it and I only use half. Never had severe AD using the ducolax but it wasn't very effective either.

    So I suffer through the severe headache that doesn't go away for hours, sweating and tachycardia for the tradeoff of only having to go twice a week and not having to worry that I won't make it from one bp to the next. Who knows if it's ultimately worth it because it sure puts my body through the ringer.

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    I'm the same way. I hate going to bed sticky from sweat
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    Just wanted to say thank you. At least I know I am not the only one sweating like a pig. Go figure, it's got to get better & soon. Now it's time for surgery for the kidney stones, it's my fourth time getting to be a professional.

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