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Thread: Paragliding

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    OMG. I HAVE to try this one day!!!
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    paragliding in Florida

    Quote Originally Posted by Broknwing
    KICK ASS!!!! I'll go! Where do I sign up? Obviously somewhere outside of flatland
    Actually you COULD go paragliding (or hang gliding) in Central Florida. There are several "flight parks" in your area.
    Of course without a mountain they use towing to get aloft.
    However unlike Parasailing (i.e. being towed behind a boat like a puppet on a string) once reaching altitude the paraglider or hang glider pilot releases from the tow rope to glide back to Earth, or if the conditions are right, to soar upon updrafts for an extended flight.

    There is a paragliding school in Dunellen (about 15 miles southwest of Ocala). The owner is a great guy - this is the place to learn paragliding in Florida.

    But perhaps the easiest way to try free flight would be to go to Quest Air in Groveland and go for a ride in a hang glider.
    Quest is pretty much hang gliding only (although I've flown a paraglider there many times)
    Anyway, it'd be real easy to get a tandem ride there as a passenger.
    They use ultralight airplanes to tow wings aloft, usually to around 2,500 feet above the ground.
    Their tandem gliders take off and can land on wheels so you don't have to able to walk to go for a ride.
    Indeed there is a Brasilian pilot that 'hangs' out at Quest who is a para.
    He often takes the AB folk for rides.

    down towards Tampa there is also
    And near Miami is


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    thanks for the info....
    I was specifically referring to the type of cliff paraglidng(with a chute, not a glider) as in the video in the original post....A while back, another member posted a video they made from Wallaby Ranch, which is nearest to me. It's actually just outside Orlando, near the Disney area...I'd even driven past it back when I lived in Orl. and had NO idea what "Wallaby Ranch" was, figured it was another tourist resort....I remeber the days of living in AZ and watching people paraglide off the mountains....I'd LOVE to do that someday.....I'll use a glider someday as well, but taking a chute off a cliff is more the thrill that I've dreamed since I was a child....
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