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Thread: Anyone from hawaii that could give me some info

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    Anyone from hawaii that could give me some info

    Hi I'm thinking about going to hawaii next year for a holiday,was planning on going to fiji but my sister in law is there at the moment and has messaged me to say that they don't have any wheelchair accessable taxi's so that counts fiji out for me, I have trouble transferring into an ordinary taxi due to the nature of my spasms.
    So I'm just wondering if those of you that live in hawaii could tell me if wheelchair accessable taxi's are readily available in most area's.
    Any info would be great

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    We have only found wheelchair accessible cabs in Honolulu, and that is not easy to schedule (one company, reservations required).

    The nice thing about Honolulu is that you can get around just about everywhere on The Bus, and they are all accessible.

    On the other islands, you may be able to rent an accessible van for a very expensive rate, but I have not heard of any accessible cabs at all, and not all the islands even have vans for rent. On Maui the only thing I have found is an accessible airport shuttle from Supershuttle.

    There are a few tour companies that have accessible tour buses, but certainly not all (and not what the ADA requires by any means).


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    Hey thanks KLD for the reply,
    Wow I'm shocked that there isn't a wider service available as far as transport goes I've checked out all the links you gave me thanks for that.
    I guess I can now tick hawaii off the list also.
    Didn't realise how lucky I was to have one at my beck and call 24/7

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