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Thread: Tilite and the ultimate rip-off

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    Tilite and the ultimate rip-off

    So in the 18 months i've been in a chair I've come across some insane rip offs but the one I just encountered takes the cake. I ordered Frog Legs from Sportaid for $215 a Pair. I told them I had a Tilite ZRA and they communicated the model size etc to Frog Legs who sent them to me directly. I tried to put them on and hmmm, they don't fit. So... I called Tilite to get the scoop on the correct model to facilitate getting the right model. I talked to Ed the tech guy and spent 20 minutes or so getting it all squared away with the right model and then call Sportaid back. To this point everyone is very nice. Sportaid takes that info and called Frog Legs and then call me back. They are very apologetic but say that Frog Legs can't sell me their product directly and that I have to go through Tilite. Hmmm, I wonder, what's the catch. So to cut corners I call Frog Legs and am informed that this is in fact the case. So I call Ed back at Tilite to see about getting the Frog Legs and find out what the deal is. Ed, sort of apologetically, informs me that yes I have buy it directly from them. Here's the catch. The product I got from Sportaid for $215 for the pair plus the wheels is $320 a side from Tilite. So $620 total. Ed tells me this and it takes about ten minutes of further questioning and inquiries on other products to discover that there really is no explanation, it's just Tilite fucking the end user for a 300%+ profit plus screwing Frog Legs out of a significant portion of their potential customer base. I tried to call frog Legs to discuss it but have not heard back from them which I suspect means they are in a pitched battle to regain this portion of their customer base. So the reason for this post is to let everyone know what complete piece of shit organization Tilite is and to see what the work around might be for me in my current chair. It's a Tilite ZRA with the adjustable front caster angle. Any ideas would be great. I'm currently in the process of shopping for a folding ti chair for my office and was going to buy a Tilite product but have decided to go the other way and phase those fuckers out of my quiver. So any suggestions on all accounts would be appreciated. Sorry to everyone reading this for the all the language but I hope this account pisses you off as much as it did me. Oh and Tilite, if you come across this post, I own a television station, am the weather man and am on camera daily and will use my fairly high profile "soap box" to share the totally bullshit account of how you do business with all who care to listen. There is a lot of titanium used in my market and... you do the math.
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    Sounds about right.That's the reason we have to pay out of pocket for alot of equipment.It sucks.
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    What is special about TiLite froglegs? All you need to change is the caster stem on the Frogleg to adapt it whatever chair you want it on. TiLite seemed pretty helpful getting me the right stems when parting together a TR using froglegs from a TRA I had.

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    Apparently this a new enough move by Tilite that Sportaid knew nothing about it and Frog Legs was just dealing with it. As for what's so special, that the 300% mark up question. Tilite's pretty proud of that adaptor.
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    As far as WC companys go TI is rather new to the industry, if memory serves me right they started up in late 90's. I have seen some decent TI's but have heard some negative comments regarding their product support service. A friend C-5 quad got one and they sent him someone elses chair, didn't come close to what he ordered, TI took over 4 months to get him the right chair which still wasn't right. He's pushing a quickie titanium now. I have used both quickie and invacare folding chairs. I get around a lot and found the invacare Action MVP pretty durable and compact for tight places. If possible try to get a local dealer to get a demo chair to try out and find what you like. I currently use the Top End Terminator SS. It's a rigid frame chair I've beat up for six years and it still holds up good. Have rebuilt entire chair once so far, all new bearings, seat back and bottom, there tough chairs. Also found many people had frog legs and didn't really like them after awhile but a few do like them. Good luck

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    On the flip side I have had really good customer service from Ti-Lite & horrible experiences with Invacare quality to the point where I will never buy a Invacare chair again.

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    Guess everyone has had different experiences.

    I really liked the look of the ZRA when I was first looking into a new wc but my DME informed me of the bad customer service/experiences they have had with Tilite and so rarely do business with them anymore.
    Chose the Kuschall instead.
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    Novie, have you gotten your Kuschall ordered? How soon will it be in?
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    Yeah! The Kuschell look so badass! BUT the few reviews have been poor and
    only certain models allow to be driven straight from the chair dammit!
    Maybe like one!

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    I was really looking at the ZRA, I think I'll keep looking. Thanks for the heads up 9000ft.

    NoDecafPlz, I also want a chair that I can drive from along with having that badass look to it. What are you using at the moment?

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