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Thread: septic uti and bacoflen od

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    septic uti and bacoflen od

    i almost died several weeks ago my temp 88 pulse 28, i went to sleep tues nite didn/t feel bad just tired woke up in icu friday morning .my son let me sleep all day wed thurs he finally decide i needed to get up. he couldn/t wake so he called the dr she since a nurse out and off to the hospital i went
    i was lucky another hr i won/t be here also no brain damage.

    the bacoflen pump has scared over and sometimes doesn/t work like it should it picked that time to flood my system.

    they have turned it down 30% and the spasms are still gone

    told him never ever let me sleep that long. iam getting my own place again as we sold the farm in march and i moved in with my son . it kinda scarces
    me as on weekends no one will be around.

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    You are very lucky, as baclofen over-dose is much more likely to cause you to stop breathing than to over-sleep.

    You need to go back to the physician who placed your pump. Both the pump and your catheter need to be tested, and if necessary, replaced. Until then, I would recommend turning the pump off and going back on oral baclofen until this can be safely resolved for you.


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