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Thread: I have returned

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    I have returned

    Good morning people!
    I have returned from my long journey to check out colleges around CA. Of the 4 I saw, Stanford looks like the school for me, but Humboldt was a close second.
    Our trip started with a gorgeous drive through Yosemite; I've never driven thru there before and it was absolutely spectacular. Plus, being a permanetly disabled citizen, I didn't have to pay the $20 fee to pass thru the park. I'll put some pix up when I get them put on my computer. I found some of the strangest "handicapped" accessible places. Like the park at the bottom of Yosemite Valley had the starangest bathroom in it... the toilet was low but to make it handicapped they stuck a riser under the seat and all the bars were only like a foot off the ground... totally useless. Oh well. I found a lot of totally useless things like that.
    We drove all the way up to Oakland and stayed there, and went to San Francisco the next day. San Francisco was great, but (in case you didn't know) its a lil tiny wee bit hilly here and there. We went all thru the Presidio and Golden Gate Park and walked around the city for a while. It was uneventful but a lot of fun.

    Then we went all the way up to Arcata for 2 nights. I really liked humboldt, it completely satisfied my hippie dreams. They're completely eco-friendly, community oriented, & anti corporate; the town of Arcata has even passed an ordinance to keep all incorporated buisnesses out of the town. Its a no Wal-Mart kinda place! Yes, it is also one of the best places to grow pot in CA or probably even the country.

    After that, we drove all the way down 101 thru wine country to San Jose & Stanford. Stanford's not quite my hippie dream school but it would be free and it FLAT! Berkeley & Humboldt & San Diego were all very hilly campuses. I could definitely work out going to one of those schools, but after going to the hilly ones, Stanford was a refreshing change. When we were at Stanford tho, we got ditched by our tour guide! Mind you this was a nice, courteous, and exceptionally thoughtfull young lady who took a lot of care to make me comfortable on this tour. We were going into the church, and the guide told us there was a handicap entrance around the side, so we go looking for it only to find that its locked so we go around and find another way in and when we get in theres a wedding going on! So we try to be quiet and sneak out to the front where we thought the tour group would be (dad had to take me down about 8 steps so we didn't have to go back thru the wedding) and we find that the tour guide left because of the wedding! She just completely ditched us; Dad was kinda pissed, but I just said "lets just go, when she realizes she lost the kid in the wheel chair she'll feel bad enough". Oh yeah and the bathroom at Stanford was hilarious too; it was a regular sized stall, with a big door put on it and bars all around, there was no way a chair could get next to or in front of the toilet. I had to park facing the toilet and basically stand up using the bars and turn completely around. They even put the little handicapped sticker thing on the door of the stall. Its so weird the things that people think of as accessible.

    We stopped at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our way to San Diego. I got worshipped by some homeless people it was the weirdest thing. Dad & I were walking in a crowd of people down to the aquarium and this guy just runs up to me, gets down on his knees and says a prayer and crosses himself and walks away. It wasn't like he was blessing me but he was using me to bless himself. Apparently theres some old sailors lore that someone with an SCI has been touched by god and therefore has a direct link with god. Its beyond me how they came up with that one but the same thing happened with a different guy as we were leaving. Neither one of these guys did this to anyone else and we were surrounded by a crowd of people each time. really Not that I mind too much when people pray to me . I do try to be a gentle and caring diety.

    Then we went to San Diego and it sucked. I love that area and even the city is OK, but UCSD didn't even feel like a college it felt like San Diego's buisness district. There were parking lots everywhere but no parking because they were all full. It was hilly and theres no way to get around without a car because its so huge. there must be 50,000 kids that go there. Too many for my taste. When we were at our hotel, this freakin asshole parked (more like squeezed in) to the blue zone next to the handicapped spot where we were parked. It uberly pissed me off and I asked dad to go tell the front desk and I wrote them note and left it on their car. I couldn't even open the door dad had to move the car across the lot so I could get in. At least the guy at the front desk used a walked too and was pissed when he came out to look at the car, he said he was going to tell them to move it immediately or have it towed. I wish we had stuck around to watch them get towed but we had to head home.
    And today I am home and happy to be back in the Dry heat instead of the humidity. Well thats my story and now I say good day!
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    What are you thinking of studying in college?

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    Welcome back my young lad

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    God I hope not! Katie?

    San Francisco gets all the hype for hills.
    Let me tell you something, San Diego
    is right friggen there. My uncle lives in Poway
    (a suburb) and man oh man. How do people
    even walk up these streets, nevermind ride a bike?!?
    And forget about wheeling- HELL NO!

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    Stanford is the way to go

    Welcome back. Sounds like you had a nice time overall. Based on the schools you named, Stanford definately sounds like a winner. I'm a San Diego native and have heard nothing but good things about our accessibility but we do have crappy public transportation. UCSD is in La Jolla though, not even really anywhere near San Diego. It's really poorly advertised that way. I had friends in college (Pomona area, east of L.A.) that came down to look at UCSD for grad school and were also surprised to find it so far from San Diego. And, you're right, the campus is huge and a pain to get around, even for an AB walker.

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a nice trip and had a postive experience at Stanford.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roshni

    What are you thinking of studying in college?
    I have no Idea. Probably something in the general category liberal arts (pretty vague huh?), but possibly medicine of some kind, surgery, or anthropology. Stanford has all my bases covered.
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    I go to San Diego State Univ. its pretty good in terms of commute and very much accessible. Most college buildings are just like walk a block.

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    Cal Poly University San Luis Obispo is where I went, and it's a great school. Beautiful setting, business and other colleges respected by industry, with all the help one with a disability might need on and off campus.

    Memories.... I miss it.
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