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    Question: DTV

    Hello and Good Afternoon!
    I am new (just joined today) so please excuse me if this question has been asked before, or if I'm posting it in the wrong place. Haven't quite figured out how to search yet.

    Anywho. . .on to my question:
    I was diagnosed w/DVT in May of this year. Cause is unknown but speculated to be from birth control pills. I was put on Coumadin and am still taking it daily. DVT was found in my left lower leg when they diagnosed me in May. I went back to the hospital in June b/c of severe leg swelling and they did an ultrasound on my left thigh, never my calf area. At the end of that visit, the Dr said that my clot was looking better. I went in yesterday due to severe swelling in my left leg and also swelling in my right leg. An ultrasound was done on both legs and there was no evidence of DVT in either leg. I had this done at a radiology center and then at the ER where the DVT was originally diagnosed. Both technicians said that they could not see the vessels in my lower legs due to fluid. My blood was drawn and my PT is at 2.1 but my iron is at 10 so I'm anemic (sp?).

    Question is, could the DVT be a "symptom" of something else? I'm trying to find causes of the swelling in my legs and am wondering if the clot was a warning flag of a bigger problem. Thoughts (PLEASE)??

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury? Unable to tell from your profile.

    DVT is a risk of most birth control pills. It takes many months after an acute DVT for blood vessels to regrow around the occusion, so it is not unusual to have major edema for many months. Some people go on to develop phlebotic syndrome, with long term chronic leg swelling.

    Are you using compression hose? Do you exercise regularly? Abnormalities in blood clotting can be associated with many medical conditions, and DVT can also be due to a sedantary life-style or trauma to the calf.

    More information about you would help to give a better answer.


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