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Thread: one leg "normal" temp, one leg "clammy"

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    one leg "normal" temp, one leg "clammy"

    Since my injury, one leg's always been warmer than the other. Does anyone else experience this? Also, the "colder" "clammier" one I seem to sweat more than the other one.

    Why is this?


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    Just another "joy" of SCI! This is probably due to unequal R/L damage to your autonomic nervous system tracts in the spinal cord. The autonomic nervous system regulates both the temperature of your skin and blood flow to your limbs as well as sweating (either excessive or insufficient).


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    Even though the only sensation I have in my legs is pains of various types, my right leg feels weaker than my left leg. Same situation with my arms. SCI is a funky thing.

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    I started experiencing a similar thing to yourself. My left arm and hand would sweat and my right arm was perfectly okay. I then developed a pressure sore on my right ischial. Whether they were related, I know not.

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    Yup, same thing here Dan. My left leg is always cold and purple, and my right one seems fairly normal. Sam problem with the sweating too. Its really annoying and prevents me from wearing open toed shoes bacuse I refuse to show off my one purple foot.
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    Same here as well Dan. My left leg (the bad leg) is usually always the colder one, but somitmes its just the opposite. Also my bad leg is the leg that has more hot/cold/pain sensation so when I get goose bumps its only on 1 leg hah kinda odd looking.

    I have what is known as Brown Sequard syndrome so its normal for me to have 1 side more motor while the other side has more sensation.
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    That's the point of the line - a little humor. Glad it's doing the trick.

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