View Poll Results: What do you do COMPLETELY without help?

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  • Push a manual chair

    62 62.00%
  • Wash/shower yourself

    57 57.00%
  • Dress yourself

    42 42.00%
  • Transfer

    55 55.00%
  • Shave - guys brazilians ladies!

    65 65.00%
  • Cook

    41 41.00%
  • Shop

    51 51.00%
  • Work

    48 48.00%
  • Turn in bed

    65 65.00%
  • Clean/housework

    27 27.00%
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Thread: Quads....C5/6 what do you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayday9
    By the way, since when are you one to listen to these "full of shit" SCI doctors and let the tell you what your function level is?
    just a reference point from the idiots rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    maybe the poll should have been .."what can't we do?"

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    "....COMPLETELY without help?" - that would be a matter of definition.... Consider this: Shopping like this would be considered shoplifting. When I shop, the cashier helps me figure out how much to pay, and makes sure I do it. When my boyfriend shops, she also helps him get out the money, and packs his grocheries. Me - I can turn on the heat by myself - but I sure don't bring it into the house. Und so weiter:-)

    Oh - old thread! But interesting!

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    C5/C7 I do everything in the poll, but the heat kicks my ass

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    It is interesting to see different levels of functioning, but then I realize everybody is different with SCI, just as we were different before we were injured. I can attest to the fact that the longer you are injured, the more you're able to adapt and become stronger, which allows you to become more independent in some areas. I also agree that I would rather expend energy on my priorities instead of across the board. For example, I would rather work on things that allow me to be a better parent to my children such as cooking dinner and housework than on dressing myself or trying to transfer. It would make no sense to suggest I wake up earlier to put my pants on when I have children running in and out of my bedroom until my husband takes them to daycare so I can get ready for work.

    There are two or three people on these forums, they used to make me feel bad about myself and the level of functioning I had at my level of injury. I finally realized that I would probably not associate with these people in my regular life, so there is no reason I need to spend time doing so in my virtual life. I don't know why people consider it okay to treat others with bad language and disrespect and then to expect that they are held up as a role model for others.

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    anban - Great post. And I'm glad that you no longer let the posts of those few members make you feel bad about yourself. At least one of those members took, by their own admission, 5 years to become independent, yet they have no qualms about insulting and belittling even newly injured quads for not being independent. Weak. I'd guess those few who used to make you feel bad don't have kids, either, do they? They really have no clue. At the end of the day, we all have to make the choices that work for us and make our lives as fulfilled as possible, the self-absorbed opinions of the naysayers be damned.

    I originally checked everything in this poll; I was completely independent in under 2 years after my injury, and I've lived alone for 14 years, since 1995. My sensation is definitely a big help in that, though I function as a pretty solid C-6, albeit with a weaker right wrist/side. In recent years I've hired people to clean my place a couple times a month, but I still do everything myself in between those times. However, there really is no difference in hiring a cleaning person/service and hiring someone to help a quad get dressed/showered/etc in the morning. I think anyone who thinks or says differently is simply trying to boost their own fragile ego by putting others down. And there's no need to let the opinions of someone like that hurt you. I hope others see this as you now do.

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