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Thread: Do you take Gabapentin/Neurontin

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    Do you take Gabapentin/Neurontin

    Just wondering how many people do as you get kind of ploughed with it in the UK. I swear I got lots of return after drastically cutting my dose too

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    Cherrylips, I think you are right. In the spinal unit, it seemed everybody was on neurontin.

    Although, to be fair, after a few months, they did stop it - although I asked for it again when I began suffering more chest pain (I now think this was pyschological - stress-induced pain).

    I stopped it some months ago, and noticed no difference with anything - pain, return.

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    when i got up to 3600 mg a day (1200 x 3, morn/noon/nite), i decided enough was enough, got off it and have'nt been sorry...

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    i recently started 900mg's a day. it seems to help the burning....sometimes. not going any higher. i been tryin to downsize my pill intake. i will probly quit it soon since theres not a major increase in relief.

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    my vote was no. I did just switch to Lyrica though. Taking as little of it as I can tolerate.

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    I did but was tired all the time and trying to eliminate meds. I quit about a month ago and notice no differences. I have a little more of the burning tingling in my feet but not enought to justify taking it. I am sleeping a little less since I quit but still not up to my old energy level. Maybe I never will be?
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    I've tried just about everything except Lyrica.

    Was on 4x900mg/day of neurontin, along with methadone, cymbalta, amitriptyline, oxycontin, etc etc.

    Wish something worked w/out making me a depressed zombie, but nothing does, so bring on the pain. Now I'm just a depressed whiner! Oh well...

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    Was on it . It is a big time weight gainer . Didnt need that along with depression
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    I'd be even more interested to hear how many people take more than 3600mg vs 3600mg or less.

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    I take 400mgs 5 times a day for a stabbing pain in my right flank. Liver area and around towards my back. It's the only drug that I've tried that works...opioids don't have any effect at all on the pain. The gabapentin usually takes all the pain away but sometimes only 70 to 90% of it.

    It was after 23 years that I started getting this pain so I find it kinda strange that the gabapentin works for me. I have a feeling that my bad posture or all the pressure put on the vertabra just below my Harrington rods for all these years is responsible for the pain. I'd like to have an MRI done and see if there's a syrinx there or some nerve being crushed or pinched just below my Harrington rods where the pressure or weight bearing is the greatest. Maybe some metal fixation hardware can be installed there to take the pressure off the nerves.

    I'm just guessing at the above "diagnosis" but it seems as though I'll be needing to take higher doses of gabapentin as times goes by so hope that I can find a physical problem that can be fixed with surgery. I'm already at the "safe" halfway dosage point of gabapentin.

    Glad the stuff is cheap.

    There's no way I could live with this pain forever. Someone stabbing me in the side with a knife constantly isn't living.. it's torture. I'm glad the gabby is working as well as it is. At least so far so good. Now excuse me while I pop another 400mgs!
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