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Thread: my mum 65years old paraplegic was sent to rehab i feel guilty

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    my mum 65years old paraplegic was sent to rehab i feel guilty

    hello i am riyasa from sri lanka. My mother met with an accident on last November 16th 2005. She has a complete spinal cord injury and she is still in the hospital. She is injured from the level of T-8. She is a paraplegic. She sits with the help of a dorso lumbar brace. she has to sit with a support on her back. At the moment she is recovering from a bad bed sore. She also has diabeties.

    After thinking about about 6 months from the accident she came home she was at home for about a month then we thought that it was best if we sent her to a rehab, so we sent her to the only rehab in sri lanka which is very far from where we live. she has a person to take care of her, not a trained person but a worker from the estates in sri lanka because we cannot spend a lot of money on a trained person. To be honest I would have gone and stayed with my mum in the rehab, but i am married and I have two kids the second one is just 3 months old. Now I feel so sad, guilty and shamed for sending her there to the rehab. Isn't it our duty look after our parents when they need us. They looked afer us very very carefully with all their streangth and love but what am I doing now, when she is ill and needs us most we are sending away and further more I cannot visit her also as it is far away and I cannot take the baby. But my father goes to see her every week.

    I wish to know whether it is right for me to send her to a rahab at this age - 65 years old. she is a diabetic and now she is getting more thin after the accident. can she get any advantages from being there. with her age is it possible? Please just any reply help me.



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    She will learn a lot in rehab; it should be a very good thing.

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    I also think it was a good idea, no matter how old you are, rehab should always be an option. She will learn to be more independant and also should get stronger.
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    depends on the rehab center. some are good, some are not. helps to have family or close friend nearby, checking on things.

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    she might make a few friends to relate to, matter of fact i had lunch today with 4 guys i met in rehab 3 years ago

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    Riyasa, what you have done and subjected your mom to are very difficult things to know the worth of. Left at home w/o any rehab, the odds of your mom suffering at least recurrent pressure sores would have been very great; pressure sores can be fatal, especially at her age and with the complication of diabeties.

    You probably made the best decision for her long-term relative well being. Only time will tell for sure.

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