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Thread: UTI's

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    I need some advice. My significant other, Steven has always been very prone to UTI's. He went a while without getting them very often but in the last several months he can't seem to get rid of them.

    It has been the same strain of bacteria. MRSA. He just got done with a 14 day course of antibiotics for this UTI and this is the 4th time in the last, probably 5 or 6 months.

    Because of all the infections he has had since his injury it has gotten to the point that alot of antibiotics will not work in his system. Also the ones that do work are so strong that the antibiotic makes him more miserable than the infection itself.

    This last UTI he was put on Bactrim. It was horrible, but we made it through and he is, right now uti free.

    I am very concerned and do not know what to do to keep this from coming back. I am hoping for suggestions on this subject.


    Heather. Significant other & care giver to Steven c-4,5 and 6 incomplete. 20 years post injury.

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    Hi Heather,

    I can identify with your situation... my husband Don is prone to UTIs as well (he's T11 complete). He has been treated by our internist and I think it's time to see our urologist... Don is about a year out from injury and he has had 3 UTIs since discharge. We recently started him on a maintainance dose of of d-mannose and he takes 1000mg vit C and cranberry and it seems to have kept his urine clean... We have decided not to treat any future symptoms unless he runs a fever.
    Does your sig other do IC? Did he have a reaction to Bactrim? Does he see a neuroloical urologist?

    Let us know...


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    Thanks for responding Sieg.

    Steven had tried the D-Mannose (I actually take that every day due to kidney infections that I am very prone to since birth.) he has reactions to the D-Mannose and has reactions the the cranberry treatments also. Steven has a very very sensitive system. He has reactions to most antibiotics. (from being on them so much over the years). We don't treat unless the bacteria count is 100,000 or greater, unless he is symptomatic.

    Steven has a Urostomy bag on his abdomen. It is like a colonostomy but it is hooked to his bladder and the bag is hooked to a down drain.

    he is seeing a urologist. A really good one.

    I just wish that I could find a way to cut down the infections.

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    You might have tried this already: have him drink lots and lots and lots of water and fresh juice every day. A gallon, provided his kidneys are OK. Try a multivitamin that contains zinc and also garlic. This is not evidence based, but he has tried most stuff.

    Garlic will not only prevent, but also help cure UTIs. Home remedy: a tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of crushed fresh garlic in a glass of warm water, three times a day.
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    Drink drink drink

    I also take Primadophilus supplement daily. 2 Uti's in 5 years
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    I had the same problem for a long time after my injury. I'm post 11 years, T7-T8 incomplete. The way I solved it was by drinking one beer once in a while as well as drinking Distilled water. You might also try cooking with a lot of Garlic, Parsley and Oregano and Basil. I personally do this all the time and get no UTI's. I have not had one in several years.
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    I think you'll get more replies in this forum Faithinme .. oh and try this link .... . If you do a search using just the word Uti you will get lots more info as well !

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    Straight cranberry juice or just cranberry extract in capsules every day will work to keep an infection away as long as you don't have an UTI. Won't get rid of an UTI once you have one. Cranberry will make your urinary tract so acidic, the bugs hate it. This is pretty much accepted by mainstream medicine. Any drugstore should have the stuff, and the beauty of it is it's safe and has no side effects even if you up the dosis. I say this based on my own experience, but you might want to ask your urologist about it.
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    Is he seeing a urologist for these infections, and for bladder care? If he's got a MRSA infection, I'd suggest a consult with an Infectious Disease doc.

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    Men too get these kinds of problems, relating to the bladder infections. The burning sensation is very difficult to bear, and it just annoys you when you are trying to relax. While I was cohabitating with my boyfriend, he had the same case, but later on they found out he had kidney stones which was making his bladder part painful.

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