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  • I never lost that ability

    17 26.56%
  • Lost it but fully regained through rehab

    12 18.75%
  • Lost it but regained feeble facsimile

    13 20.31%
  • Sadly unable to flip off when necessary

    17 26.56%
  • I would never use a vulgar gesture

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Thread: Flipping the Bird w/ SCI?

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    Flipping the Bird w/ SCI?

    How long did it take you?

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    Senior Member Broknwing's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Central Florida
    today it took CSpine approx 6 tries to get the "perfect" bird....(and this wasn't the best of 'em....)
    L-1 inc 11/24/03

    "My Give-a-Damn's Busted"......

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    Senior Member Myc0's Avatar
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    I think my doc asked me to when I was in ICU to see if I still had hand function, so of course I courteously obliged.
    De Omnibus Dubitandum

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    I had to work on it but I got it back!

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    Left hand is a no go. Right is a semi-reasonable fax. Propped with the left, it's a bird, it's a plane, you've just been two-fisted flipped.

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    Some of us can only shout "Read between the lines!"

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    Senior Member air ohs's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    chatham ont canada
    This is toooooooooooo funny my physio when working on my hands always put my hands in that position for me and with time ... i am PROUD to say yes I CAN with both hands LMAO.

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    Even though I'm T6, I'm double-jointed in my hands so when I flip the bird, my finger doesn't extend completely. It looks kinda bizarre if you look closely.

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    I fine it to dangerest to flip a bird at a stranger here in south florida. They'll kill you here i've had people spit on me threaten to kill me. But so far nobody ever hit yet.

    Once I saw a big guy, built like a bodybuilder in a wheelchair roll over to a young guy that parked in a disabled spot. He yelled my be five words to him and the guy layed him out.

    I'd watch that finger stuff.

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    dead center
    It was a requirement to get my license back in Massachusetts
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
    Winston Churchill

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