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Thread: Botox for the bladder

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    Botox for the bladder

    My dr. wants to do Botox on my bladder but he said it wasn't approved and therefore insuance won't pay for it. He said it's like $300/injection and it could be up to 10 injections. So, instead he upped my detrol to 4mg 2x a day. Does anyone have any idea if the botox is being reviewed for approval or any studies taking place? How have others gotten this treatment? I can't afford even one injection.

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    don't you have an augmented bladder?
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    It is a new procedure and all insurances etc.. don't cover it especially when all meds at their maximum dosages haven't been tried.
    You should contact your insurance carrier for more specific information.


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    No augmented bladder. They didn't augment it when I had my mitrofanoff- not sure why. If we need to do the surgery, we will, but he wants to try everything before that. I've tried ditropan but it didn't help, then I switched to Detrol and it worked better but at night I'm cathing every 2-3 hours WITH restricting my fluids. I have a good amount of edema so that's probably why but I'm sick of cathing so much at night! My bladder starts to spasm around 215 cc WITH Detrol.

    SCI-Nurse: Is it just that it's new or is the Botox not approved for treating the bladder, yet?
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    Higher dose at bedtime? What about the Oxytrol patch???
    I believe it is approved but it is new & like any other intervention that is going to be expensive and require repeated injections, if a pill or patch works, they will not approve Botox or surgery or invasive things like that.


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    Hmmm, haven't heard abot the Oxytrol patch...

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    My husband's insurance covered it. Has your doctor checked with your insurance specifically? Can you lobby them? Maybe the doctor would be willing to lobby on your behalf?
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