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Thread: what is your favorite food and drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    Hello, Karen, you are a Brit and the treats (?) appear to have Japanese characters on the packaging. For the rest of the world could you give us a brief rundown on what the attraction is?
    These sweets are indeed Japanese. I buy lots of Japanese sweets from here -


    I don't understand the kana on the packaging, but they are yummy.

    The ones I pictured are the sourest sweets I've ever had. I like a bit of pain with pleasure.

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    Western North Carolina BBQ and Sweet Tea

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    A nice filet grilled medium with blue cheese butter, some steamed veggies, a fresh green salad and a Gray Goose martini stright up with blue cheese stuffed olives.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Da'Best


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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_nc
    Western North Carolina BBQ and Sweet Tea
    Sorry Dan, gotta be down east nc bbq, red pepper and vinegar, yeah! Sweet tea with lemon and some hushpuppies.

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    Foods - Steak, Mexican, Cajun, Grilled Veggies

    Drinks - Lemonade, Extra Sweet Tea

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    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago
    havening no appetite, maybe i will be able to eat and drink again like i did before my injury.thank you cc members.
    I was on a respirator with a trach a couple of months post-injury & couldn't smell; had a feeding tube anyway so it didn't matter. When I got off it I was faced with hospital food & didn't want anything. My aunt brought me a jar of homemade vegetable soup. The delicous smell brought my appetite back. She saved my life that day.

    My favorite food is probably spaghetti, but only mine. I like lots of meaty sauce. Pinto beans & cornbread is right up there, too. And real mashed potatos (but not everyone can make 'em right).

    Drink: Dr Pepper, but not with meals.
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    Pity to have to pick favorites, but....
    Fresh grilled Alaskan salmon, halibut, arctic char, and crab stuffed baked petrale sole.

    All the best,

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    Seafood would top my list to!

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    according to me patates kizartmasi (fried potato) and 1 liter Coca Cola

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