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Thread: what is your favorite food and drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff
    mexican nachos w/extra jalapenos, 911 chicken wings.. xtra wet, 911 buffalo shrimp from Hooters, pepperoni pizza w/you guessed it, jalapenos.. and sweet tea..

    my bowel program comes out screaming..
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    These sweets figure high on my favourite food list. Even though they hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keps
    These sweets figure high on my favourite food list. Even though they hurt.
    Hello, Karen, you are a Brit and the treats (?) appear to have Japanese characters on the packaging. For the rest of the world could you give us a brief rundown on what the attraction is?
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    Happy food(macaroni bake)! My dad loved it so much he named it happy food, and I continued the love. Don't really have a fav drink tho...

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    Diet Pepsi, Lemonade...extra sour!

    Our homemade nachos (simple recipe if anyone wants it) with LOTS of jalepenos!!

    Spicey Buffalo Wings, Hunan Chicken with 5 stars...I like it HOT!!

    Almost anything sweet! Ice cream, candy, POPCICLES and LOLLIPOPS!!
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    Smartfood popcorn and Kirin Ichiban beer.


    Macaroni and cheese and long island iced teas.

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    I used to be a beer drinker. Dark beers...Bass, Guiness.

    These days, I switched to wine, maybe two glasses of a nice red in the evening....three on a weekend.

    Seinfeld and Red Wine are perhaps my two most healthy indulgences
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    vietnamese cold rolls and Spaten Optimator (dark beer).......not together tho.

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    -Burritos and brats with lotsa mustard

    -Orange pop (Broncos colors yeahh baby...and yes I said pop!) and beer

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    diet coke with lemon,or fresh brewed Iced Tea! YUM
    lettuce wraps from Elephant Bar, a must have!
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