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Thread: How would you like your steak to be cooked ,and why?

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    chopper chick.i choose to live in romania for a while because i was born and raised in romania .i imigrated to US when i was 26 years old .i am 36 today.
    my family lives here and i could not survive alone in chicago after my injury.thank`s god because my family is taking care of me.all the best to you.
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    Rare...Why? Cause thats how i like my steak.

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    I like my meat like my man well done. yummy anty
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    Chop off it's horns, wipe it's arse and stick it on the plate!

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    I once contracted Trichinosis. All my meat is now cooked to 30,000 degrees centigrade.

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    Medium well....Not bloody, but not tough either...

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    Bloody rare and still kicking!...if it's beyond that, I return it!

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    medium....meaning pink to slightly red on inside, still juicy. filet mignon and ribeye. don't bother with other cuts.

    why? well, i grew up in iowa. anything past pink in the middle is blasphemy. :-)
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    I like my steak - large.

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    medium - a little salt and a slice of raw onion.
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