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Thread: It was 25 years ago today.....

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    Sorry to hear, 24/7.
    But glad, too, as you've made it this long.
    Best of luck in the coming years friend.
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    I hit the big 25 in january of this year. It depresses me just to think about it. Go to a strip bar, it helps me. Those ladies have away to getting you to think about something else. If fact, I think I need to go now. But i'm to tired. Sorry for sharing my depression with you on your thread. Take care!

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    you get your quarter century cardboard cookie.. congrats on still being here 25 yrs. post 24/7..

    Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches. It's more like a jar of jalapenos--What you do today might burn your ass tomorrow.

    If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby. Carlos Mencia

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    Thanks everyone. I don't dwell on it. Just acknowledge it. I have been pretty lucky all things considered. Time to start counting the next 25.
    "Never argue with an idiot; they'll drag you down to their level and other people may not be able to tell the difference."

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    It was 25 years of continually worsening pain (plus all the other joys of C-5 life) on 6/11.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    24/7 -

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