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Thread: Botox in bladder

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    Botox in bladder

    Can anyone tell me the benefits and risks of using Botox in your bladder? I recently read that if you are still having trouble with accidents after a mitrofanoff surgery, Botox can help. Right now, I'm on 20mg of Ditropan XL to try to reduce the accidents.


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    Botox can relax the muscles of the bladder & help to prevent overactive bladder. It required repeated injections. It helps some, others it does not.The average length of time it works is approximately 2 months.


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    hi Jessie , It's me Larry again they tried giving me 15 injections of BOTOX but I kept having Bladder spasms that the DR's couldn't stop or control I was on Ditropan and 3 other medications , I don't remember all the names as I am taking 15 medications a day , that last operation was my 23rd and I hope my last good luck to you and I hope you have better luck than I did, I leaked both day and night without warning , it was like a bad dream that wouldn't end , but so far so good on this in the last month ,I still have my bad days where I get very tired and have to take naps but don't leak take care; Larry

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