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Thread: any disabled mom's out there?

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    any disabled mom's out there?

    I have hereditary spastic paraparesis and have 2 toddlers. Emma is 2 1/2 and Angela is 15 months. I'm a single mommy who is using a wheelchair most of the time. My oldest daughter has the same disorder I do and uses a walker to get around and uses catheters everyday.

    I'd love to chat with other disabled mommies!


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    I am a C8 quad for almost 5 years and have a daughter who just turned 3. Kudos to you! Two toddlers, one disabled and a single disabled parent! You are amazing!

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    I am T8 paraplegic for 11 years, with a 2 year old son who will be 3 in Oct. I agree w/ Emi2 you are amazing! I have a yahoo Im address listed, would love to talk with you.
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    Thanks! I just try to take it one day at a time.
    I didn't even know I had passed the gene onto Emma until I got her tested when she was 2. For a couple months before that, she had been falling down more often, complained of her legs hurting (many sleepless nights for me), and she started to have bladder and bowel incontinence. Her results came back positive for spastic paraparesis. Angela was tested at the same time, and she was negative.

    Right now, Emma uses a Snug Seat walker to get around with, wears AFO leg braces (just like mommy), and uses intermittent hydrophillic catheters 4 times a day. She also still is having to wear cloth diapers for the bowel accidents and small urine leaks thoughout the day. A lady online that makes fitted cloth diapers made us some that had Dora The Explorer on them, as well as Grover and Elmo. Emma really likes them, since they look more like undies. We mostly use Sandy's Fitteds and Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers and Bumkins diaper covers. The only thing we had to get use to was the cathing. Emma would cry everytime we'd have to do that, but now exclaims to my relative that she pees just like mama. Both girls are also still breastfeeding to get more of the immune benefits from the milk.

    Both girls love to get rides on my wheelchair. I'm the only mom in the family who is disabled and has a child that's disabled, so its nice to talk to others.


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    Women with mobility disabilities may also want to check out the forums at our sister site:


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    I'm a para mommy!!! I am 7 yrs. post and have a 2 year old.
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    Now yall are making me feel old....LOL My baby is soon to be 18 but I was injured (T12 somewhat walking para) when she was 6 months old. I have been a single mom through it all....LOL

    Good luck ladies......I feel blessed to have made it as a single mom.
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    I'm probably the oldie here. Post-SCI 8 yrs this mo., my three range from 18 to mid-20s.

    (Edited out unnecessary & personal stuff I typed when sad.)
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    I am a single mum, too. My injury was 5 yrs ago when my son was 5. Now we are happy together. I know ur situation is much harder with a disable child.But, i believe u can do it. May God give u strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awakenow
    I'm probably the oldie here. Post-SCI 8 yrs this mo., my three range from 18 to mid-20s.

    (Edited out unnecessary & personal stuff I typed when sad.)
    WOW! Wonderfully amazing women here on this forum! Thank you for allowing us to know each of you a little more.

    Much prefer to comment on something this wonderful than all the petty, useless and stupid bickering that goes on in some parts of these forums.

    My apologies for being male and commenting here.

    Always with JOY,


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