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Thread: Magnetic renaissance

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    Magnetic renaissance

    High everyone. We get a monthly subscription called alternatives by Dr. David G. Williams. In it have found an eye-catching excerpt titled pain-free forever. A number of maladies are listed but the one I was interested in involved a spinal cord injury. It states severed spinal cord respondents in a month -- 32 years after the accident victim was paralyzed from chest down for over three decades. After only a month, his legs are starting to come alive.
    It goes off into something about Star Trek or the dock waives any lecture and devise over their bodies -- and presto, there are all fixed up. Well like a lot of the best science fiction that devise wasn't pure fantasy. It was an educated prediction based on research about the healing effects of electromagnetism. And I don't want to sound grandoise, but the device is now a reality. It's called a magnetic molecular energizer. It uses technology very similar to the MRI machines that hospitals use the difference is that MME doesn't misdiagnose trouble -- it clears it up. You see, doctors of known for years that your bodies healing process is triggered by a magnetic resonance. When you sleep your brain sends electromagnetic signals down to all your cells -- signals that greatly speed up yourself repair process. Scientists have been trying for years to harness this be healing mechanism. As you may know, that had some success with ordinary magnets but the effects are pretty weak. Send a breakthrough happened. He built a machine that could deliver electromagnetic waves with the pinpoint accuracy of the MRI machine. He's investigated over 900 case histories today in the results are inconceivable.
    Here are a few highlights. Chronic arthritis pain gone in five hours, herniated spinal discs 100 percent healed in just a week, severed spinal cord responds in a month -- 32 years after the accident victim was paralyzed from his chest down for three decades after only a month his legs are starting to become alive. Now if anyone has ever heard anything related to this statement please post. Until then I am waiting for the specific edition related to this matter and I will respond accordingly. Happy trails.
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    Here is his website

    Some of the things sound like kind of a stretch. It is kinda sad that mainstream medicine is not helping us more and we have to turn to all kinds of alternative medicines on our own, but I guess its just the way it is.

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    Sounds kind of star trekkie ..
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