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Thread: Best push rim for C6 quad??

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    Best push rim for C6 quad??

    Ok, so i got a ti-lite ZRA. Got the "foam" push rim on the spynergy rims. They feel mor e plasticy then foam. I feel my hands tend to slip and i cant push when they get wet which is not good cuz i live in seattle. any suggestions with names of companies i cant get a set from?

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    Some use the quad pegs/extention that look ike a ship's steering wheel. I don't care for them.

    It would be nice to have a removable push rim cover specially made for rain... with like skateboard grip tape coating.

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    yeah. i dont want pegs or extensions or rubber tubing wrappedv around. i'm tryin to find out where to get the real foam extra sticky push rims. the ones you have to be careful with to not take gauges out of them...

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    I'm a C6 also and have full function of my arms and push a manual chair everywhere I go. Yes, the rain is a pain and causes everything to slip. Since I don't have fine motor control of my entire hands I partially push on the tire and the push rim. I use Harbinger weightlifting gloves that have a rough grip on them. There are several different styles of Harbinger gloves with different grips. Recently, I went to a rubber grip and it works great for everything and prevents callous build-up on my hands. The only downfall to the rubber grip is that when they get wet; I'm up a creek as rubber on rubber just slips. So I alternate gloves as I do quite a bit of pushing and it's hard on my hands.

    Good luck with finding a solution.

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    im tryin to get my ass outta the power chair soon. just hard cuz i've come to acustom to it. and the way my house is setup i'll need someone to push me up and down the ppath to get in and out. so its gonnabe hard. i have some glioves...they are tha palm gloves that have rubber just for the palm. i find they work pretty well. i think my fingers r too curled to get into any finger type gloves though

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    i went to the auto parts store.
    bought 2 vinyl steering wheel covers.
    microwaved them to soften them.
    slipped over my pushrims, wrapped the little cord and i'm happy as shit for about 15 bucks

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    I HAVE ALWAYS USED THE BLACK VINyl coated handrims. i go through 2 sets a year on spinergys. im inc c4/5.......

    at c6 im thinking u dont need a power chair rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    black vinyl coated (aka plastic coated) for me too. i tried the aluminum to save weight, but just too slippery and forced me to use the tires and led to nasty, dirty hands. so i went back to the vinyl.

    btw i'm c6 incomplete.

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    I had alota complications and left the hosoital in a power chair. I'm workin to get outta it.

    Hmmm... I've tried vinyl and found them so slippery. I'm tryin to find out where to buy the sticky foam ones.

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    have you tried power assist wheels? They would be ideal for you.... I wouldn't be in a manual chair without them and I'm c6/7 complete

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