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Thread: Bladder problems

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    Bladder problems

    About 5 years ago I decided to put in a foley cathider so I could have more freedom to work, hunt and be free from having to I C P. Well now I have a infection that I cant get rid of called pseudomonas. I have taken out my foley and am now on 10mg of Ditropan XL 2 times a day and I have an incontentent problems. My VA Doc put me on Carbenicillin Indanyl NA 382mg, 2 pills 4 times a day. Has anyone heard of this med and has it worked in the past? As for my leaking problem any suggestions?
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    Your bladder has shrunk and gotten stiff due to using the indwelling catheter. You are on a high dose of Ditropan XL, so can't really take more of that. You may need to wear an external condom catheter to contain the leakage for now. After the infection is resolved, if you want to remain off the indwelling catheter you may need to speak to your urologist about Botox or even an augmentation to enlarge your bladder and reduce the spasms and pressure. It is difficult to go to just intermittent cath after such a long time with an indwelling catheter.

    There are many stains of pseudomonas. Not all are drug resistant. I assume your physician did a sensitivity to be sure that this med is appropriate for this bacteria strain, and that an infectious disease physician was consulted when making the choice. Your pharmacist should have provided you some information about this antibiotic but here is some additional information:

    Was there any discussion of doing this drug IV first before changing you over to the oral medication? The most common side effect is suprainfection with yeast or c. diff. You should consider taking lactobacillus to help prevent this, although that is not a guarantee you won't get these. Allergic reactions are fairly common, esp, if taking it over a prolonged period of time. There is no guarantee that this antibiotic will get rid of a drug resistant colonization in your urine. I am sure your VA physician told you this. Be sure to follow up with any lab test he recommends to monitor how well you are doing with this drug.


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    I have had IV before for this. Once about 1 1/2 years ago and then again about 7 months ago. I couldnt go through the IV again, I had to be an inpatient at the VA since I got the IV 2 times a day and it is over 130 miles to my local VA. They are a small hospital and are set up for older patients and not quads or paras. The other choice is to drive to Seattle where the bigger VA is but I hope to either have this under control or be able to have the IV therapy when I go up for my Annual Eval sometime in the fall.
    Thanks for your info.
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    I also have been trying to resize my bladder. I think the best way to fight this is to ICP during the day and have an indwelling at night. I keep it capped off and try to wake up every couple of hours to let it drain. So far this has been a good way to keep my wife happy so she doesent have to change the sheets everyday and to get a handle on getting my bladder back up to size.
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    As for your leak problems you might try something like pads for men or depends underware.
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    I would strongly urge you to go to Seattle and be seen by a urologist at the SCI Center there. This is a problem that requires the expertise of a urologist who specializes in SCI care, with the consultation of an infectious disease specialist. Capping off or clamping your catheter like this is very likely to cause you reflux of colonized urine into your kidneys, either damaging your kidneys or causing a kidney and systemic infection. For a drug resistant bacteria, a septicemia like this is the worse case scenario as there may not be an antibiotic that can successfully treat it.


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